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About Old Town Prints
Oldtownprints.com is dedicated to the preservation of antique photos of English towns and villages, making them available and affordable to everyone.

Most visitors are genealogists and people researching their family tree who are looking for that elusive photo of their ancestor's home town. The photos are the perfect visual addition to any family tree or photo album.

Who am I?
My name is Richard and I'm the owner of Oldtownprints.com. Being English, I am very familiar with many of the towns in this collection and have actually been to a lot of them. I now live in the USA with my wife and children where we continue to update and enhance this site.

Need Help?
I am always available to answer your questions. Customer service is important to me, so I'm here to help. You can contact me via mail or email and I have put my telephone number here as a courtesy, but I would prefer contact via email.

Richard Waters,
PO Box 1,
Summer Lake, OR 97640.


Telephone: 541-410-1630

If you have questions that are not answered here, please email me.

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Search Questions

Search Questions

I don't know what county the town is in?
This could be a problem! Often there are towns with the same name in several different counties, so you really need to know the name of the county to get the correct photo.

No results for the search came up?
1. Check that the town is spelled correctly.
2. If you are not sure how the town is spelled, try just entering the first few letters and look for the town in the results.
3. We may not have any photos of the town. Please email: richard@oldtownprints.com me and I will try and find one for you.

Download Questions

How long does it take to download?
Your computer should display the time it will take when you start downloading. The length of time will depend on your internet connection and which image size you buy. The Images are in 3 sizes and the file size of each are approximately:

Small Photo - 550Kb        Medium Photo - 1Mb        Large Photo - 5.5Mb

Are these photos downloadable and readable on an Apple Mac?
Yes they are, in fact this site was developed on a Mac.

I can't download my Photo
Make sure the download link has not expired. Remember you only have 7 days to download it. Please email me if you are having download problems.

I can't open my downloaded Photo
The images you download are compressed zip files and so will need uncompressing with software such as Winzip for the PC and Stuffit for the Apple Mac. Please see the instructions in the download email.

Account Questions

Q. Why must my account name and address be the same as my credit card name and address?
To prevent credit card fraud. When you make an online purchase your credit card is checked against the name & address that is held by your credit card issuer.

Photo Questions

Q. How can you double the size of the large photo when it's the same size as the Medium Photo?
The photos might be the same size, but the resolution is double. Because the larger print (600dpi) is twice the resolution, you can effectively double its actual size which would halve the resolution. This will give you the same resolution and quality as the medium print. So, with the larger print, you can either, make it the same size as the medium print at a much higher quality, or you can have a print twice the size at the same quality.

Q. How do I make the large photo twice the size?
Using photo editing software such as Photoshop, you can change the size of the photo in the "Image" menu.

Affiliate Questions

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate marketing is a way of earning commissions from sales on this website. Simply by sending people to Oldtownprints.com via a link your website, you get a commission when they buy something.

How does it work?
First you set up and account - it's easy, it just takes a few minutes.
You will then be given a special text link or a small banner advertisement that you place on your website. Each time someone on your website clicks this banner or text link, they are taken to Oldtownprints.com. When they purchase something, you will get a 10% commission.

How do you know if the customer came from my website?
In the text link or banner advertisement that you place on your website, there is a unique code that identifies your website as where the customer came from. When they buy something, you are automatically logged as the person receiving the commission. As long as they come to Oldtownprints by clicking on the text link or banner, you will get the commission.

Do I get a commission every time the customer buys or is it just a one time thing?
Every person that comes to Oldtownprints via your website is identified as your customer - PERMENANTLY. So EVERY time they place an order, you are guaranteed the commission, indefinitely.
Once they have made that first order, they don't even have to go through your website anymore, they can come here directly place an order and you always get the commission.

How much can I expect to earn?
That depends on how many customers you send here and how much they spend. If they buy $20 worth of photos, you will earn $2. It might not sound like much, but each and every time customers buy something, you get the commission - it quickly adds up.

How do I know when people have bought something?
You will receive an automated email whenever one of your customer's places an order. You will be able to track all orders and commissions in your affiliate account 24hrs a day.

How do I get paid?
You will get paid at the end of each month via Paypal transfer or check if you prefer. The only condition is I will only payout when you have earned $10 or more in commissions.

It sounds too good to be true?
Yes it does, but it is not always so easy. It will depend on how well you promote Oldtownprints.com on your website, how many people see and click on the advertising banner or text link, and ultimately how many actually make a purchase.
The key factor will be how related your website is to Oldtownprints and whether old photos of English towns are are something visitors to your website are interested in. Obviously if your website is completely unrelated to Oldtownprints, like cooking recipes for instance, then it might be difficult raising interest and making sales interest. But on the other hand, if your website, like many of the affiliates already signed up, is related to Genealogy, Family Trees, or English history, then you could make a lot in commissions.

How do I get started?
All you have to do is set up an account with your information and contact details (click the blue link below). Once approved, you will receive an email with some html code that you can paste onto a page on your website. Many website owners prefer to have a small banner advertisement as people will see it more easily and be more likely to click it. I will be able to send you some different banner designs and if you want some special text in it, I can do that also. The sooner you get the banner on your site the sooner people will start visiting Oldtownprints.

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